Week 3- Table of Contents

After 3 weeks of updating my page, ordering books, and organizing my thoughts, I have officially finalized the table of contents I will use for my study. This was honestly a pretty difficult process because it took a lot of narrowing down and trying to decide what was most important to cover. I started off this table of contents with about 14 different topics I planned to cover. Because of the time frame that I have with this study, I felt that I would not be able to cover all of these topics. With this said, I narrowed my 14 topics into 9. Here they are:

  1. Financial planning 
  2.  Careers
  3.  Savings and banking
  4. budgeting and spending
  5. Credit and debit
  6.  Investments
  7. avoiding Financial scams
  8.  Insurance
  9. Retirement

I am not 100% sure on the order I plan to address them, but I know that my goal is to research one topic a week. Doing so will take me into mid April with 1 month left in my study. After talking to my content advisor, Mr. Slack, I think I am going to actually do a podcast rather than a Youtube channel. While this is not official, we decided together that we thought this would probably be more engaging and fit better for my goals. It will most likely be a 9 episode podcast for each of the topics that I discuss. I am super excited to start researching and I will keep you all posted on how that goes!

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  1. Charles, this list of topics sounds ambitious! But the podcast approach sounds exciting and practical. I hope it will have manageable tech demands and allow you to focus on content.

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