Week 4- Interim reflection

I cannot believe that I am already 1/4 of the way done! This week, I wanted to share my interim reflection about my progress in this study.

What is exciting to you so far?

The most exciting part of this is that this is my own interest and that I have my own hours. I feel like that makes it so much more exciting and allows me to be much more engaged. It is cool because if there is a day I do not want to work on it, I don’t have to. And then when I want to work on it I can. I just really love this flexibility in knowing that it is all under my control.

What is surprising or frustrating?

I think that what is most surprising to me is how on top of myself I have to be. While I do enjoy the freedom and flexibility I talked about in the first response, it can be difficult to not have someone constantly grading something or giving a strict deadline. It can also be frustrating when I have a lot of other schoolwork to do. Because this is something I’m so interested in, it is hard to not always want to work on it instead of other work.

What are you learning about learning?

I think I am learning that I work best with a strict deadline and a punishment when the deadline is not met. Although this can be stressful, it forces me to be more productive and know that it has to get done at a certain point. I think that this is something that I am going to discuss with Mr. Slack and have us come up with a system that forces me to do things at certain times. 

Where are you recording information, ideas, questions, resources, etc.?  And how do you anticipate using this material, either in this project or in the future?

I record everything on paper and on google docs.  I plan to combine all of these notes for the final document, but I also plan on using the notes when it comes the time to record my podcast.

How is your time management working out?  When and where have you been doing the IS, and have you been meeting the 5-7 hr/week expectation?

I honestly think that my time management has been pretty bad. I think it needs to be better and I am not on a consistent schedule. Mr. Slack and I talked about this, and we decided that I am going to do an hour and a half during my free period that is twice a week and come into school to work with him on it on fridays. 

Is there any need for change in the way you’re approaching this course?

Yes, as I said above I need to be more consistent and on a more regular schedule. Mr. Slack and I talked about this, and I think that going forward I will be a lot more productive. 

Refer to the proposal you submitted for approval.  In what ways does the reality match the proposal, and in what ways does it differ?  How would you adjust the proposal to reflect what you’re doing and expect to do between now and the end of the semester?

I think that the main thing that changed is the Youtube Channel. Mr. Slack and I decided that it would be more effective to do a podcast and that it would work better for me. So, I think I would change this and then add my more recent calendar for when I will get things done and the table of contents for my study.

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