Week 5

As I continue this blog, I have begun wondering how I should structure the post. I was thinking whether I should share the information I learn each week or if I should just save that for the final product. As I continue to question this, I wanted to at least give a small taste of what my research looks like. So, I am going to show the format of my research, and show you all part of my week one outline on financial planning. For all of the table of contents, I have subtopics of what is covered within those larger subjects. For example, this is the subtopic “what is money?” as a part of the larger subject of financial planning.

  1. What is money?
    1. Medium of Exchange
      1. A way to get the things you want and need
      2. Value that you can use to purchase and trade
      3. An item that is acceptable for an exchange in goods or service
      4. System used for sale, purchase, and trade
    2. Store of Value/Unit of Account
      1. Money that is not being exchanged or used
      2. Used to measure and value certain things
        1. Income, debts, outcome, worth, etc.
      3. can be saved, retrieved and exchanged at a later time
      4. Can be money, currency, gold, capital
    3. Barter system
      1. System used before money
      2. Direct exchange of two things or services
        1. I’ll give you this candy if you give me your brownie
        2. I’ll make your bed if you let me use your car
      3. Used in everyday life
      4. No use of medium of exchange
    4. Gold standard
      1. Transfer of money to gold at a price
      2. No longer used
    5. Commodity money
      1. Money made from valuables like gold and silver
    6. Flat money (what most people use)
      1. Paper currency
    7. Money supply 
      1. Total amount of money in the economy at a certain point

This is the basic format for most of the research that I do. When I decide how I want to share more of my research, I will continue to post, but here is just a small piece for today! I hope you enjoy!

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