Week 6/7

I’m back! I wanted to hold off on this post until after spring break. I have been doing great and keeping up with my weekly workload. I am actually excited to share a cool experience I had over my spring break. For me, it is really interesting to learn about finance and how important it is in our world. So, over spring break I wanted to apply these ideas. Because I was interested and learning about the ideas of budgeting, I asked my family if I could plan our spring break. While we only took a three day trip to Florida, I planned the entire trip. I made us a meal budget, travel budget, and lodging budget that we had to follow. It was really interesting to do this because it showed me the importance of budgeting and how one’s spending can truly accumulate quickly. It made me understand the importance of planning ahead and how much really goes into a vacation. This was an awesome experience for me, and I definitely learned a lot from it. As I continue with my study, I hope to share more real world applications of my learning like this one!

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