Week 8/9- Quarter Reflection

This week, I decided to post my blog on my reflection at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Give a brief summary of content that you have learned so far.  

Up to this point, I have learned the topics of financial planning, careers, savings and banking, budgeting and spending, credit and debit, and avoiding financial scams.

What has stirred strong emotional responses?  Anything shocking, pleasing, fascinating, appalling?

I think that for me it has been so cool to see how much of this truly applies to the real world. I have seen the effect it has had on my daily life and the understanding of the financial world. It has helped me to see how much money I spend in my daily life and the importance of saving money. It is also interesting to see the impact it has had on my family. Because I now see the effect of spending and budgeting, I have been able to help my family pay more attention to this, and I have seen how much our weekly spending consists of. For me, it is so interesting because I feel like I see the world in a different way now that I understand the importance and use of money.

What new questions do you have about this topic?

What is the best way for everyone to understand this material?

What is the best way for this material to be learned?

Should I start focusing on budgeting and spending now? 


What has worked out as expected?

I think my note taking process has worked out just as I expected. I would say that my notes are very organized and are in place to be a perfect way to translate into a podcast. I think my notes are also great for a final curriculum that anyone could use.

What has been challenging?

The most challenging part for me has been understanding that there is nobody that will punish me if my work does not get done. This has been challenging because it has forced me to stay on top of my work and has at times let me slack off.

What are you learning about your learning process? 

With the most challenging piece, I have learned that I need to give myself deadlines for when certain things must be done. I think that this works for me because it does not allow me to push my work aside and makes me continue to stay on schedule. I have also learned that I work best when I have no distractions or stress level. It allows me to be most efficient and enjoy what I am learning, rather than seeing it as something that must get done.

To what extent are you meeting the expectations of IS students?

I know that I am meeting the expectations of the hours needed to be put in, but I would say that I am struggling on doing it during the week. A lot of times I end up pushing my work to the weekend and working for hours then, rather than consistently during the week.

What do you need help with?

I would say that I need help just being reminded to work during the week, so I do not do most of my work on the weekend. I think this will help me to be more consistent with my work.

Looking ahead

Does your initial plan for the second quarter of this project match your current intentions?  If not, or if you can make it more specific at this point, describe needed changes or attach a modified plan.

Yes, my plan is matching up and I plan to finish my entire project on time!

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